Here at Korai Kitchen, our food is always served buffet style, for both lunch and dinner, and our menu changes twice a day, everyday!

For additional information on the types of dishes we serve, check out our FAQ below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you serve Hilsa fish (Ilish mach)?

Yes! While we unfortunately cannot include Hilsa fish in the buffet, we typically have Hilsa for order during the weekends, when it can be purchased by piece. Hilsa prices typically range from $8- $9 per piece. Just ask one of the servers about it when you arrive! If you'd like to place a special order for Hilsa on a weekday, there is a 5-piece minimum order. Give us a call the day before you plan to come in, and let us know how you'd like the Hilsa prepared!

What types of Bangladeshi fish do you serve?

We typically include Rohu fish in the buffet because of its overall popularity and the relative ease with which it can be eaten (Bengali fish are very boney!). However, if you'd like to enjoy a specific fish dish during your visit to the restaurant, we can definitely take a special advance order and prepare it for you. Korai Kitchen's owner is also the owner of Hilsa Grocery and therefore has easy access to the following fish, all imported directly from Bangladesh: - Ayre - Baila - Bhetki - Boaal - Ilish - Katla - Koi - Magur - Mola (Morola) - Pangas - Pomfret - Puti - Shol - Tengra Just give us a call at 201-721-6566 for pricing!

What types of dishes are included in the buffet?

Our menu changes everyday! We truly don't know in advance what will be on the menu, but we can tell you we typically adhere to the following: 1. Lunch buffet includes, at minimum: pulao rice, white basmati rice, two vegetarian bhorthas (mashes), a fish dish, 1-2 chicken curries, 1-2 vegetarian dishes, an egg curry, and daal. Paratha (flatbread), cha (milk tea), and dessert are always included. Red meat and chicken biryani are only included in the dinner buffet. 2. Dinner buffet includes, at minimum: chicken biryani, white basmati rice, two vegetarian bhorthas (mashes), a fish dish, 1 chicken curry, 1 red meat dish (either beef or goat), 1-2 vegetarian dishes, an egg curry, and daal. Paratha (flatbread), cha (milk tea), and dessert are always included.

Are you BYOB?

YES! Feel free to bring beer or wine.

Is your food Halal?

Yep! All meat served at Korai Kitchen is 100% halal.

Do you have vegetarian/ vegan/ pescatarian options in the buffet?

Though we are not a vegan or vegetarian restaurant, we do always have some vegan/ vegetarian items included in the buffet. Since our menu changes twice a day, everyday, the number of non-meat dishes included is always changing. In general, though, we always have at least: * 1 fish dish * 1-2 vegan bhorthas (mashes) * 1-2 vegetable dishes good for vegans as well * Egg curry * Lentils (daal) - good for vegans, too!

Who cooks all the food?

Chef and owner Nur-E Gulshan Rahman makes all the food at the restaurant herself, even down to the desserts! That being said, please be aware that during peak times, i.e. weekends, there may be a slight wait if a dish in the buffet runs out more quickly than anticipated. Mama Rahman is making everything from scratch the old-fashioned way, so if anything runs low during your visit, help yourself to all the other deliciousness in the buffet, and hang tight for what's being refilled. We promise it'll be worth the wait!

Do you prepare traditional West Bengal dishes?

We always say Korai Kitchen is a Bangladeshi restaurant, as opposed to a Bengali restaurant, simply because there are a lot of dishes from West Bengal we unfortunately don't make (i.e. shukto, posto, etc.). This is because chef and owner Nur-E Gulshan Rahman, who prepares all of the food at Korai Kitchen herself, was born and raised in Bangladesh. To keep her food authentic to her life experiences in Dhaka and Bogra, Mama Rahman's food is prepared differently from some styles of cooking popular in West Bengal.

Do you have an a la carte menu?

Not at the moment! In the future we might change that, but as of right now, both lunch and dinner are always served buffet-style.

How does the carry-out work?

Since our food is always served buffet style, all of our take-out is priced by the pound! Lunch is $7.95/ lb and dinner is $10.95/ lb. The only exception to this is with fish, which is priced per piece for carry-out. We also have our chicken-and-rice carry-out box, which is just $5.95 for a box of basmati rice and the chicken curry of the day.



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